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Retirement Living Conference 2017 :: Articles
9th November 2017
etc Venues, County Hall

Welcome to the Retirement Living Conference 2017

Here you will find reports, articles and figures regarding the Retirement Living sector, both in the UK and abroad:

Is ‘enjoy now and pay later’ model of deferred fees the way to go? Yes, according to LifeCare Residences CEO

Richard Davis, CEO, Lifecare Residencies, New Zealand will be speaking at Property Week’s Retirement Living conference on 9th November. He will be sharing lessons learned from abroad and how LifeCare Residences’ model can be replicated in the UK. We spoke to Richard ahead of the conference about this model. Read more...

Generation Stuck – The Downsizing Report

View the full report on downsizing in later life from the ILC and McCarthy & Stone where they find that a lack of supply means many older people are ‘stuck’ in their existing homes with no suitable alternatives for them to downsize to. Read more...

Retirement Living - Where is the opportunity? JLL Healthcare Research - November 2015

Retirement housing in the UK has evolved over the last 30 years providing an alternative between mainstream housing (which begins to fail older people) and care homes. It has grown, in the same way the care home market evolved out of the hospitality and residential markets, to meet the changing care needs of older people as they live longer than previous generations. This report outlines the main challenges and opportunities. Read more...
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